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Our Structure

Starman Holding is a global portfolio of leading companies spanning Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Brands, Distribution, Real Estate Development, Affordable and Workforce Housing and Venture Capital.

where do we focus

1.Starman Brands

Starman Brands brings top-tier Tech and Healthcare products. Our trusted and world-class brands have generated over $20 billion in retail sales.

Home of the household brands:

2. Starman Distribution

Our companies with over 30 Years delivering innovative products:

Starman Distribution provides custom solutions and enhanced logistics for Technology, Healthcare and Consumer Products across various selling channels including Retail, ecommerce, Government, OEM and Business to Business.

3. Starman Development

Elevating dreams & building realities.

The Starman Development companies:

Our Real Estate and Development companies are dedicated to pinpointing market needs and providing solutions where demand exceeds supply.

4. Starman Capital

Starman Capital provides venture capital and financing solutions for real estate development and companies in various fields, including technology, healthcare and affordable housing.

Sound Chaser

Perpetual Change

Our Industry Partners


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